4 May 2009

Select Soul Show Playlist - April 30th

Podcast April 09 Show 4

Hour One

Groove Assassin Ft. Jean - Too Special (Classic Vocal Mix)
James Day - Speak Love [Natural Things]
Serieux - I Keep Running [I Can Give You Love]
Lisa Shaw - I'm Okay [Free]
Clenord Ferguson - It's a Beautiful Day [It's a Beautiful Day]
Vanessa Haynes - I Wonder [Stay With Me]
Avila Brothers - Let It Go (Ft. Shelea) [The Mood Soundsational]
Monical Lisa Stevenson - Jus' That Kinda God [Finally..... In God's Time]
Michael Powell - Tonight [Get With U]
Dante Thomas - Without U [The Truth]
Myrna Braza - Crazy [Free As A Bird]
S-Tone Inc - How High Is the Moon [Moon In Libra]
Down To The Bone - Should've Been You [Future Boogie]

Hour Two

Theo Peoples - Life's II Short [Life's II Short]
Tamika Nicole - Get It Right [The Art of Letting Go]
Lisa McClendon - Let Go (Freedom Song) [Reality]
James Day - Happy On Hold [Natural Things]
Douyé - In Love with You [Journey]
Brian Culbertson (Ft. Howard Hewett) - The Secret Garden [Somethin' Bout Love]
Kim Prevost - Talk To Me [Talk To Me]
J. Michelle - So Beautiful [Lovespace]
Wil Key - That's What I Mean (I Jus Wanna Run Wit U) [Satisfy My Soul]
Michael Powell - Think About It [Get With U]
Brian Courtney Wilson - Just Love [Just Love]
Liberal Souls - Tailor Made [Seasons]
L-Marie - Save Me [Natalie Williams Presents Soul Family Volume 1]
Down To The Bone - In The Pocket [Future Boogie]

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