19 May 2009

Select Soul Show Playlist - 14th May

Podcast May 09 Show 2

Hour One

Down To The Bone - Should've Been You [Future Boogie]
Aisling Stephenson - Uninvited [You Took The Sun - Chronicles Of A Love Affair]
David Mensah - My Day [My Day]
HolyBOY - Church Tonight [Out Of Time]
Dana Divine - All I Ever Need Is You [LifeLine]
J. Michelle - U Got Me Live [Lovespace]
Lisa McClendon - Let Go [Reality]
Pamela Bowman - This Is My Day [Prayer, Praise And Power]
Nicole Crenshaw - All I Want Is You [Gospel Can Bang 2 Vol.1]
Unified Tribe - I Forgive You [On Purpose]
James Day - Speak Love [Natural Things]
HolyBOY - Happy [Out Of Time]
Clenord Ferguson - It's a Beautiful Day [It's a Beautiful Day]
Brahim - What I Like About You [Evolution]
Calvin Bridges - Come Back [Gospelphyed]

Hour Two

Hill Briggs Ft. Chrissy Chan - No Rain [Don't Stop Me Now]
Bria Valente - Something U Already Know [Elixer]
J. Michelle - So Beautiful [Lovespace]
Larisa Dolina - Lately [Hollywood Mood]
Katrina Harper - Keep Your Head to the Sky [HDP Sessions]
Brian Courtney Wilson - Just Love [Just Love]
Lisa McClendon - Heaven [Reality]
Sunlightsquare - Giving Me Love [Urban Latin Soul]
Vanessa Williams - Breathless [The Real Thing]
Coreen Simons - Draw Me [A Piece of My Dreams]
Liberal Souls - Tailor Made [Seasons]
Unified Tribe - I'm Sorry [On Purpose]
Ellis Phelps & William Swann - Best Friends [I'm Still Here]
Lando - Space [Space]

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