12 Jan 2018

Select Soul Show Playlist - Thursday January 11th

Hour One

Everett - Your Side Of Love [I2 Love Music Volume One]
Spur Of The Moment - Love Her (Ft. Kenny Allen) [N2DEEP]
Run N' Fly - January [Run n' Fly]
Sir Wick - Keep It Moving (Keep On Moving) [A Tale Of Two Fools: Novical Soundtrack]
Cleveland P. Jones - Be Kind
Amar Khalil - By My Side
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Reasons [Time Of Our Lives]
Jarez - You Said
Regina Chavon - Dream Again [Better Days]
Spur Of The Moment - Between Me And You (Ft. Maimouna Youssef & Jon Rych) [N2DEEP]
Tonyaa - Everything I Hoped For [Thank You For Waiting]
Sir Wick - Stay On The Focus [A Tale Of Two Fools: Novical Soundtrack]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Sugar & Spice [Time Of Our Lives]
Maverick Gaither - Gratitude
Ny'A - The Way [Something For Everybody]
Myles Sanko - Forget Me Not (Rob Hardt Remix)

Hour Two

Conya Doss - I'm Trying
Debonair McNair - This Could Be Love (Ft. Lina Loi &Take 6) [This Could Be Love]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Magic [Time Of Our Lives]
Harmony V - Over Love [Out Of Myself]
John Stoddart - Never Gonna Let You Go
Kai Martin - All My Life [All My Life]
Frank Simmons III - Language of Love (Ft. Conya Doss) [Blacksuite]
Sunstone - Same 4 U [Hope]
Sir Wick - Alexandra’s Lament No. 1 (Who Am I To Choose) [A Tale Of Two Fools: Novical Soundtrack]
Trina Broussard - Where I'm Supposed To Be
Orlando Watson - Get Over Me [Everything's Personal]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Thinkin' About You [Time Of Our Lives]
Lamone - Slowly But Surely [Slowly But Surely]
Reuben Alexander - I Can't Stop
Lalah Hathaway - I Can't Wait [Honestly]
Sir Wick - Dream Come True [A Tale Of Two Fools: Novical Soundtrack]

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