12 Mar 2015

Select Soul Show Playtlist - March 12th

Hour One

Rhonda Thomas - When You Know You Know [Vinyl Daze]
Charlie Wilson - Me And You Forever [Forever Charlie]
Jeff Bradshaw & Friends - All Time Love
Cheri Maree - Keeping Our Love Alive [360° Woman: Rebirth]
Kenya - Makeusmile [My Own Skin]
Rhonda Thomas - Castles Made Of Sand [Vinyl Daze]
Cheri Maree - Sweet Temptation [360° Woman: Rebirth]
Meeco - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind [Souvenirs Of Love]
Tracey Hamlin - Standby
Raheem Devaughn - Countdown To Love [Love Sex Passion]
Sound Of The City Band - Makin My Way (Ft. Frank Sirius) [Chasin My Dreams EP]
Kenya - Never Giving Up [My Own Skin]
Sheldon Rhoden - Natural Love [From Boy To Man]
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia - Bout' Time You [Fast Forward]

Hour Two

Kenya - Let Me [My Own Skin]
Carmen Rodgers - Beyond The Stage [Stargazer]
Aysha - Take Me Higher (Ft. Darren Rahn)
Terri Walker - Lose Twice [Entitled]
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia - Give It Up [Fast Forward]
Charlie Wilson - Hey Lover [Forever Charlie]
Kenya - Take Me Away [My Own Skin]
Sheldon Rhoden - Blessing [From Boy To Man]
Leon Timbo - You're My Darling (Radio Mix) [What Love's All About]
Rhonda Thomas - Honey To A Bee [Vinyl Daze]
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia - Makes You Feel Good (Ft. Jocelyn Brown) [Fast Forward]
James Fox Higgins - That Lady (Ft. Lionel Cole)
Kenya - My Own Skin [My Own Skin]
Tristan - Supersize My Sunshine [2nd Phase]

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