2 Jan 2014

Select Soul Show Playlist - 90's Special

Hour One

Jennifer Holliday - It's In There [I'm On Your Side]
Benita Arterberry - It's You [Thank You]
Debelah - Floating [Debelah]
Altitude - Someone Like You [Private Parts]
Divine - My Love [Fairy Tales]
Eric Benet - I'll Be There [True To Myself]
Vertical Hold - Morning After [Head First]
Gene Rice - Let Me Do You Right [Gene Rice]
Real Seduction - This Is What I Would Do [It's Real]
Malaika - Sweet Dreams [Sugar Time]
Gerald Alston - Never Give Up [Open Invitation]
Kevin Toney - So Good [Extra Sensual Perception]
D'Nessa - Believe In Love [All About You]

Hour Two

Milira - You Get Right To Me [Back Again!!!]
Ricky Lawson - Slow & Gentle [First Things 1st]
Earth, Wind & Fire - Just Another Lonely Night [Millenium]
Marcus Johnson - Morning Light [Chocolate City Groovin']
Phyllis Hyman - Funny How Love Goes [Forever With You]
Tony Remy - Love Me Now [Metamorfollow-G]
Chris Ballin - Cry [Do It Right]
Greg Walker - Blind [Love You So Good]
Brian McKnight - Must Be Love [I Remember You]
Yvette Michele - So We Can Get Down [My Dream]
Silver - Fly Away
Motif - Please Tell Me Tonight [More Than Magic]
Zhané - Crush [Saturday Night]

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