26 Dec 2013

Select Soul Show Playlist - Boxing Day Mellow Special

Hour One

Bethany Devine - Soul [Fruit Of The Spirit]
Ruby Baker - Motions Of Love [Love Is Worth It All]
Toni Redd - I'm Changing [N The Key Of Redd]
Bria Valente - Something U Already Know [Elixer]
Danielle Haynes - I Want To Be Close [Love's Never Lost]
Jazzie Carrington - Reminiscing [Jazzie Carrington With Luv]
Kem - Love Calls [Kemistry]
Transcendental Funk - The Reason I Love [Cafe de Soul volume 4]
Melanie Covington - Back Into Me [Believe In Me]
Mica Paris - I Remember [Born Again]
Anthony Hamilton - Change Your World [Ain't Nobody Worryin']
Trina Broussard - Sailing [Inside My Love]
Slique - Your Body [Rhythm And Ghetto Soul]

Hour Two

Brown Hill (Ft. Leah McCrae) - Not Looking For Somebody [Brown Hill]
Angela Johnson (Ft. Darien) - All In Me [It's Personal]
Sunlightsquare - Giving Me Love [Urban Latin Soul]
Ledisi - Going Through Changes [Turn Me Loose]
DJ Unwind (Ft.  Mateo) - My Sunshine
Mamsie Tsoane - Giving Me Love
Shayna Steele - 24 Hours [I'll Be Anything]
Melanie Covington - Believe In Me [Believe In Me]
Falisa JaNaye - Sweet Love
Toni Hill - Only Love [Only Love]
Maysa - It's Over [Motions Of Love]
Terry Dexter - Disappointed
Chris Turner - Best Of Your Heart [The Discovery Album]

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