26 Apr 2012

Select Soul Show Playlist - April 26th

Hour One

Bashiyra - Nothing Yet
Chidi - Someone [Exhale]
Audio Ft. Vince Broomfield - Won't Somebody
Marlon Wells - Hands Up [Simply Marlo]
Andreas Aleman - Helplessly In Love [It's The Journey]
Incognito - This Must Be Love [Surreal]
Brotha - The Way You Make Me Feel [My Praise, My Love, My Life]
Kelvin Sinclair - Let Love [Lovelounge 505]
Fil Straughan - I Wanna Be Love [Fil The Love]
Conya Doss - Lost [A Pocketful of Purpose]
Arika Kane - Soul On Fire [Substance]
Temika Moore - Let It Go [The End Of Me]
Wil Key - Beautiful [But A Woman]
Ty Causey - Bold and Beautiful [False Faces]

Hour Two

Dallas White - What More [Premonitions Of Love]
Wil Key - Fight Thru [But A Woman]
Rob Lewis - Angel [The Masterpiece]
Brotha - When I'm With You [My Praise, My Love, My Life]
Conya Doss - What About You and Me [A Pocketful of Purpose]
Temika Moore - I'm Not Ok [The End Of Me]
Terry Dexter - Dissappointed
Darren Rahn - Speechless [Speechless]
Al Mckenzie - Heaven [Strawberry Noon]
Pete Belasco - Down [Lights On]
Kia Bennett - Share A Moment Of Love [Duet Of Daffodils]
Wincey - Magnanimous [Time To Say]
Ty Causey - The Limit of Love [False Faces]
Nj Ladyfingers - Twisted Love [This Is What It Is]

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