17 Jun 2010

Select Soul Show Playlist - June 17th

Hour One

Philip Bailey - Love Is Real [Love Is Real EP]
Steve Russell - D.A.N [So Random]
Lenny Hamilton - So Good To Me [Wayout]
Walter Christopher - So Amazing [Waltgotsoul]
Dionne - Lucky [Unrealistic]
Angela Bofill - All This Time
Shamika Phoenix - Words
Coolfire - Summer's Back
Sly Johnson Ft. Ayo - I'm Calling You [The June 26th Ep]
Kasier - I Love You
Joy Dennis - He Awaits [Music Is..]
Jeffrey Valantine - 3 Times A Day [The Truth]
Ty Causey - Rocket To The Moon [Down 2 Earth]
Tiffany MonĂ­que - When [Nemesis]
Jennifer Bryant - You Don't Love Me [Blue Silhouette]
Dorian Wright - Say I Do [Mind Full of Music]

Hour Two

James Willis & Nu Praze - I'll Praise Him
Terrell - That Girl
Joy Dennis - The One [Music Is..]
Gloria Ry'ann - Back With You
Dorian Wright - Want To See the Sun [Mind Full of Music]
Amie Jo Greer - Whatcha Gonna Do [Inspired At Last]
Brown Hill - Not Looking For Somebody (Ft. Leah McCrae) [Brown Hill]
Carmen Rodgers - It's Me [The Bittter Suite]
Ritacarol - Letting Go [Lyrical Butterfly]
Danielle Lewis - Closer To You [Amazing]
Jonathan Butler - Be Here With You [So Strong]
Beverly Hiriams & Lacarnist Hiriams - Working Overtime
Dionne Kirby - Sure [Unrealistic]
Victor Ft. Jamela Bullock - Occasionally [Transparent]
V9 Collective - World To Me [World To Me]

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