14 Jan 2010

Select Soul Show Playlist - 7th January

Hour One

Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle - Star (RP's Club Mix) [Star]
Donald McCollum - So In Love With You [No Matter What EP]
Adina Nyree - Certified Organic [Certified Organic]
Cool Million Ft. Meli´sa Morgan - Sweet Baby
Alache` - Shoulda Lost Ma Mind [Until Now]
BJ - Thinking Bout You [BJ]
Francesca Sortino - Flattering [The Music I Play]
Jaine Rogers - Life Is Just A Melody [Under Your Skin]
Tamalaneh - The Ride Of Life [I Know You're Gonna Like This]
Levelle - Talk To Me [The Experience]
Ladeana Michelle - My Honey [Bringing Love Back]
Mizz Morgan - Can We Be
Ryan Leslie - Rescue U [Transition]
Minister Johnson - It Feels Good [What Will My Legacy Be]
Trus'me Ft. Amp Fiddler - Can We Pretend [In The Red Album]

Hour Two

Mark A'lleven - You're The One [Filling In the Gap]
Athene Wilson - We Were Meant To Be [It's About Time]
Adina Nyree - Changes [Certified Organic]
Tamalaneh - So Far Away [I Know You're Gonna Like This]
Elton Franklin - So Sexy [A Betta Man]
Levelle - Only You [The Experience]
Thelma Guyton - My Freedom
Ladeana Michelle - Long Night [Bringing Love Back]
Tisha Howard - You Are [You Are]
Dr. E - Elevated [Real Life]
Melanie Covington - Back Into Me [Believe In Me]
Tonia Hughes - I'm Ready Now [I'm Ready Now]
Shameem Taheri Lee - Undertones [Universe for Afternoon Tea]
Fingerprints - Anything For You [Dream Life]

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