1 Aug 2009

Select Soul Show Playlist - 30th July

Podcast Jul 09 Show 5

Hour One

Drea Rhenee - Let The Sonshine In (SOS Edit)
Chico Debarge - I Forgot Ur Name [Addiction]
Carmen Liana - It's Yours (feat. Carl "Chip" Days Jr.) [Who I Am]
45 Ft Jimmy Abney - Nothing Feels Better Than You (SOS Edit) [Revenge Of Soul]
Root Soul Ft. Leon King - My Dream Came True [Root Soul]
CoCo McMillan - Be Right [I've Been Delivered]
Yomi - Head O' Mine [From Me To You]
Joe - Miss My Baby [Signature]
Lisa Lisa - Infatuation [Life N Love]
Shelia Moore - Rest Your Mind [Tha Story Told Twice According to 'Shee Shee' Vol.1]
L.O.W.D. - You Bring The Change [You Bring the Change]
Adria McNair - Acknowledge Me [Walking In My Destiny]
Gianna - Picking Up The Pieces [Something True]

Hour Two

Olivia McClurkin - All I Need (SOS Edit)
MLU - Crazy Love [Crazy Love]
Chico Debarge - I Want You [Addiction]
Jessica Celious - Stay [Melody's Of Life]
Carlitta Durand - Decisions [Carlitta's Way (The Prelude)]
Guilty Pleasures - The One [Love Stories]
Oezlem - New Era [Reflections]
DJ Unwind (Ft. Mateo) - My Sunshine [My Sunshine]
Ledisi - Going Through Changes [Turn Me Loose]
Gary Beals - Excuse Me [The Rebirth Of...]
Yomi - Why Oh Why [From Me To You]
Spike Rebel - This Is How I Love You (Ft. E.I. & Spike Rebel) [Spike's Rebellion]
Paula Atherton - There Ain't Nothin' [Groove With Me]
Gianna - Hooked On You (Featuring Kloud 9) [Something True]
Joe - Sensitive Lover [Signature]

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