8 Sept 2023

Select Soul Show Playlist - Thursday Sep 7th

Hour One

Shaila Prospere - Dance All Night
Brian Power & Cornell CC Carter - Sometimes
Andy Stokes - Turn Back Now
Gary B. Poole - Revival [Revival (The Soul Talk Sessions)]
Robert Imtume Owens - Elementary
Shindellas - Ooh La La [Shindo]
Kea - Made It Through
Shonda English - There Wouldn't Be A Me [Travelin']
Liza - Give In
B. Golden - You
Em-Cee - Comfortable
Robyn Springer - Crazy Bout You
Sidibe - Sunshine
Lin Rountree - One You [The Message]
Chris Ballin - Shining
Marcus MacHado - Let Me Know [Blue Diamonds]

Hour Two

Larriah Jackson - Send My Baby Back [The Sounds Of Oakland 23]
Orlando Dixon - Soft Life
Sabrina Starke - Love The Mystery
Felece Tillman - Brighter Love
A.S.K. - Rewind
Cynthia Jones - Lifeline
Erica Falls - Up
Mariama Whyte - What If I Fall In Love Witchu
Leela James - Right Back In It
Kirk Franklin - Try Love
Lina Loi - Let It Go
Paulette McWilliams - These Are The Sweet Things [These Are The Sweet Things]
Dalona - In Love With A Leo
Tyler Lauren & Future James & Hokage Simon - Tru Luv
Lamone - Strive
Tanya Nolan - Let's Celebrate
Kevin Jones - How Close

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