25 Jun 2021

Select Soul Show Playlist - Thursday June 24th

Hour One

Julian Jonah - A Little Lovin' (Ft. Lucita Jules)
Cornell Carter - Not Possible [Cornell CC Carter]
Wil Key - Sho' Nuff (Ft. Andre Vasconcellos) [Globetrotter: B]
DJ AK & Adesha - Crush
Wil Key - Rewind (Ft. L. Young & Tough Dumplin) [Globetrotter: B]
Zenesoul - Somebody's Son [Brown Sugar]
David A. Tobin - Magic In Love (Rob Hardt Mix)
Roderick Harper - Got To [Back To Love]
A-P Connection - 21 Pleasure ( Ft. Chuck New) [Wide Vision]
JB Rose - Gold (2B3 Rare Groove Remix) [Jubilee]
Sam Wills - Hold Tight [Breathe]
Conya Doss - Come Get This Love [Through Rose Coloured Glasses]
Charmaine X - Talk To Me (Remix)
Diane Marsh - I'm Taken (I'm Spoken For)
Bey Bright - He Can't Love You
Jane Handcock -  90's Love (The Realm Remix)

Hour Two

Tae - All Your Heart (Ft. Moka Only)
A-P Connection - Lifetime To Find (Ft. Nate Williams) [Wide Vision]
BB Soul Ft. Cheri Maree - Is It You
Dimitris Dimopoulos - Where Are You? (Ft. Lifford Shillingford) [Take Me Out Tonight]
Conya Doss - Black Is Beautiful [Through Rose Coloured Glasses]
Nickie Conley - Second Chance [Stronger]
Keni Myles - The Last Time
Kadeem Tyrell Ft. Omar - All My Love
Conya Doss - Take It Away [Through Rose Coloured Glasses]
Brian Courtney Wilson - Be Real Black For Me [Ft. Ledisi)
Hassan Farrow - So In Love (Ft. Lena Soul) [So In Love]
Stephanie Mills - Let's Do the Right Thing
Sinead Harnett - Like This [Ready Is Always Too Late]
Tomeka Williams - The Beginning Of Me And You [Beautifully Complicated]
Raymond Barton Ft. Nolo Live - The Way To Your Heart
Lin Rountree - Me For Me (Ft. Lindsay Webster) [Fluid]

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