13 Mar 2020

Select Soul Show Playlist - Thursday March 12th

Hour One

Carmichael Musiclover - More [The Best Thing Yet]
Najee - Better (Ft. Kenny Lattimore) [Center Of The Heart]
Dayon - Don't Talk To Me That Way ( Ft. Astyn Turr)
Canita - No Love (Ft. Noel Gourdin)
Carmichael Musiclover - Don't Wanna Play Around [The Best Thing Yet]
David P Stevens - Natural (Ft. Latoya London) [Vibrations]
Carmichael Musiclover - That Kind Of Woman [The Best Thing Yet]
Liza - Second Guessing [ID]
DW3 - Your Body [DW3]
Faye B - Before I
GLOW Ft. Dave Love - Best Of Me [Ten Of Diamonds]
Randy Hall - A New Way Of Love 
Trin-I-Tee 5:7 - You Are [Story Of My Life]
Trey Pullen - Feels So Good
Shaila Prospere - Let's Be

Hour Two

Will Downing - Ready, Willing & Able [Romantique Vol. 2]
GLOW Ft. Omar - Give Myself To You [Ten Of Diamonds]
Julia Huff - Make Up On The Floor
Carmichael Musiclover - I'm Alright [The Best Thing Yet]
Lorraine Clarke McGhie - Closer
Carmichael Musiclover - Pure Sweetness [The Best Thing Yet]
Lukas Setto - Make It Rain
Miranda Rae - Invitation For Love [Defying Love]
Maysa - Its Gonna Be Alright (Ft. Phil Perry)
Will Downing - Close To You [Romantique Vol. 2]
Carmichael Musiclover - Work Of Art [The Best Thing Yet]
Carmichael Musiclover - Don't Cross Me Out [The Best Thing Yet]
MS1 Project Ft. Deli Rowe - Treasure Pearl (2 Head Project Remix)
Stone Foundation & Laville - The Light In Us
José James - Feels So Good ( Ft. Cecily) [No Beginning No End 2]

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