17 Nov 2017

Select Soul Show Playlist - Thursday November 16th

Hour One

Will Downing - Feeling The Love (Ft. Avery Sunshine) [Soul Survivor]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Time Of Our Lives [Time Of Our Lives]
Maverick Gaither - Gratitude
Eric Roberson - Slave Owners (Ft. Dayne Jordan) [Fire]
Everett - Your Side Of Love [I2 Love Music Volume One]
Kenny Lattimore - More Than Life [Vulnerable]
Le Velle - Bring Back The Love [I2 Love Music Volume One]
Will Downing - Everything I Want In My Lady [Soul Survivor]
Ledisi - Let Love Rule [Let Love Rule]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Sugar & Spice [Time Of Our Lives]
Tonyaa - Ain't Nothin Gotta Change [Thank You For Waiting]
Clinton Babers II - All About You [S.N.A.P.S (Scattered Notes and Pen Strokes)]
Myles Sanko - Forget Me Not (Rob Hardt Remix)
Gwendolyn Collins - Luv You Like [Return Of The Storyteller]
Sa-Ha-Ra - You Are My Everything [Past Present Future]

Hour Two

Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Reasons [Time Of Our Lives]
Kenny Lattimore - Perfection [Vulnerable]
Shaila Prospere - Thinking Of You (Soul Syndicate Remix)
Lamone - Slowly But Surely [Slowly But Surely]
Tonyaa - Wonder Bout My Love [Thank You For Waiting]
Jazze - So Good Inside
Ledisi - Us 4ever [Ft. BJ The Chicago Kid] [Let Love Rule]
Coriology - Bee My Honey [Catchin' Feelings]
Alyson Williams - Happy Wife
Will Downing - When We Make Love [Soul Survivor]
Six Minutes 'til Sunrise - Thinkin' About You [Time Of Our Lives]
JC Bentley - Bring Back [Calm Before The Storm ]
Ledisi - Here [Let Love Rule]
John Stoddart - Never Gonna Let You Go
Tonyaa - Everything I Hoped For [Thank You For Waiting]

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