1 Jan 2015

Select Soul Show Playlist - January 1st: 90's Special

Hour One

Monifah - Why [Mo' Hogany]
Mona Lisa - Just Wanna Please U [11-20-79]
R.Kelly - Freak Tonight
LeVert - Ain't No Thang [The Whole Scenario]
Down To Earth - I'll Promise [Riding High]
Chris Walker - It Won't Ever Go Away [Sincerely Yours]
Juanita Dailey - Stay [Free]
Tami Davis - It's Kind Of Deep [Only You]
Nikita - Sweet As It Comes [Sweet As It Comes]
Marva Hicks - In Love With Love [Marva Hicks]
Jeffrey Osborne - Lay Your Head [Only Human]
Selections - Set Me Free [Our Message]
Vesta - I'll Give You My Love [Everything-N-More]

Hour Two

Benet - In The Spring [Benet]
Luther Vandross - Can't Be Doin' That Now [Never Let Me Go]
Keith Washington - I'll Be There [Make Time For Love]
Chanté Moore - Finding My Way Back To You [Precious]
Nu Colours - Don't Mind Waiting [Nu Colours]
Phil Perry - Say Anything [The Heart Of The Man]
Wendy Moten - Whatever It Takes [Wendy Moten]
Yvonne Williams - Love Can Climb [Back To Innocence]
Keisha Jackson - How I Wonder [Keisha]
Anita Baker - Perfect Love Affair [Compositions]
Escoffery's - Where Is Your Love [Opinions]
Mondo Grosso - Shoulda Been Lovin' You [Closer]

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