6 Feb 2014

Select Soul Show Playlist - February 6th

Hour One

Natasha Watts - Good Love [Natasha Watts]
Noel Gourdin - No Worries [City Heart, Southern Soul]
Christopher Williams - Not Conditional
Tasita D'Mour - Change My Heart
Jennifer Holliday - It's Not About You [The Song Is You]
Marwan Soulflow - If You Want It (Ft. Patrice Forde) [Eternal]
Kris Ray - Love
Natasha Watts - Hold Up [Natasha Watts]
Noel Gourdin - Spotlight Lovin' [City Heart, Southern Soul]
Jennifer Holliday - Touch [The Song Is You]
Brian Christopher - Alone With You
Dana Weaver - Fading Away [The Urban Retropolitan Movement]
Amp Fiddler - Take It [Basementality 2]
Marwan Soulflow - Ain't Nobody Better [Eternal]

Hour Two

Ruben Studdard - My Love [Unconditional Love]
Walter Christopher - Splendor [The Mellisonant Album]
Nia Simmons - Used To You [A Songbird's Journey]
Marwan Soulflow - I Want You [Eternal]
Noel Gourdin - Can't Wait Ft. Avery Sunshine [City Heart, Southern Soul]
Brian Christopher - So Much Love
Calico Panache - Diggin You
Ruben Studdard - Close The Door [Unconditional Love]
Marwan Soulflow - You're So Fine [Eternal]
Gwendolyn Collins - The Simple Things
Jennifer Holliday - Are You Leaving Me [The Song Is You]
Clever Jeff - Something To Think About [God Quality]
JSOUL - High feat: Deborah Bond [Blue Midnight]
Frankie Parker - Breezy [Breezy]
Natasha Watts - Worth [Natasha Watts]

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