22 Aug 2013

Select Soul Show Playlist - August 22nd

Hour One

Choyce Love - Keep It Movin
Marcia Mitchell - Wish You Were My Man
Charmaine - Sunny Days [Dimensions Of Love]
Bashiyra - One Shot At Love [One Shot At Love EP]
Coriology - Honey Love (Ft. Avery Sunshine) [Coriology 101]
Halo - In Sync (Ft. Wisdom Bibbs) [This Is Who I Am]
Kenya SoulSinger - Sunny Day [Love You To Life]
Margo Thunder - I Cry, You Cry Merry-Go-Round
Random Ax Of Charlie - Try Again [BPMs]
Don-E - Hot Like Summer [Little Star]
Marcell Russell - You Bring Me Joy [The Serenade & the Sermon]
Gary Poole - Even When [The Lovetown Allstars]
Don-E - Spiritual
Laura Jackson - Come To Me [The Lovetown Allstars]
ReGrooved Ft. DaMon Reel - My Sunshine

Hour Two

Jermaine Hardsoul (Ft. Eric Roberson) - We Can't Finish
Bashiyra - Lesson Learned [One Shot At Love EP]
Don-E - Little Star [Little Star]
Marcia Mitchell - Deja Vu
Len Walston - You Should Be Here
Quentin Moore - Natural Sista [You Forgot Your Heart]
Love On - Sunshine [Love Decoded]
Joan Belgrave - Hey Love
Aisha Eustache - My Angel [Love & Addiction]
Pamella Elaine - Seasons [A Songbird's Thank You]
Don-E - Good [Little Star]
Coriology - Hooray! (Ft. James King) [Coriology 101]
Halo - Therapy [This Is Who I Am]
Orgone - Anticipating (Ft. Tiffany Austin) [New You]

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