19 Jan 2012

Select Soul Show Playlist - January 19th

Hour One

Najee & Phil Perry - Just To Fall In Love
Khari Cabral - Get Back [Clementine Sun ]
Marcus Paul James - Wonderful Love [Meant To Be]
Tony Lelo - You Ain't Gotta Leave
Jonathan Winstead - I Miss You Girl [Lovestry]
Aysha - Release Me
Dave McMurray - Beautiful You [I Know About Love]
Yvette Freeman - You Bring Out The Best [In My Arms]
Robert Glasper Experiment - Cherish The Day [Black Radio]
Anthony Hamilton - Best Of Me [Back To Love]
Fred Hammond - I Feel Good
Gena West - Chocolate [Stay Free]
D Mills - Strange
Jocelyn Brown & Soulpersona - In The Middle

Hour Two

Glen Goldsmith - Jammin' In The Place
Marcus Paul James - Right Now [Meant To Be]
Khari Cabral - Never In Your Sun [Clementine Sun ]
Brian Courtney Wilson - So Proud
Byron "Monk" Fordham - So Wrong [Pushing To The Top]
Anthony Hamilton - I'll Wait (To Fall In Love) [Back To Love]
Robert Glasper Experiment - Gonna Be Alright [Black Radio]
Live Hart - Work It Out [Support Independent Artists Vol. 1]
Positive Flo Productions - No Compromise [Get What U Want Outta Life]
Rodney Greene - When I Call Your Name
Yvette Freeman - Heaven Must Be Like This [In My Arms]
Terrinika - I Know Someone...
Takiya - Dedicate [Soul Seeds Vol. One]
Trish Standley - Love (Neil Thompson Mix)

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