22 Dec 2011

Select Soul Show Playlist - December 22nd: Best Of 2011 Part Two

Hour One

Soulpersona (Ft. Princess Freesia) - You Did It Again
Grandad Turner - My Love Is For Real [My Friends, My Fam]
Kendra Cash - Smile [Smile]
Lalah Hathaway - Small Of My Back [Where It All Begins]
Hannah Francis - Let Me Love You [Means To An End]
Cynthia Simons - Sit Back [Thankful]
Kendall King - This Love [Faithful]
Nicole Mitchell - Flow [The Bi-Polar Music Project - Vol.1]
Kenya & Nemor - Stir It Up [Just Becuz]
TwinSpirit - Caught Up [My Beautiful Ugly]
Soulpersona (Ft. Princess Freesia) - Ultrasuperlove [The Lapdancer]
Marsha Ambrosius - I Want You To Stay [Late Nights And Early Mornings]
Terisa Griffin - This Time I'll Be Sweeter [Soulzophrenic]
Tracy Cruz - Let's Go Back (Unrapped) [Universoul Symphony]
Reel People - Tell Me Why [Golden Lady]

Hour Two

DW3 - I Got You [On The Floor]
Crystal Johnson - Come Home [The Day Before Heaven]
Aretha Franklin - U Can't See Me [Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love]
Deborah Bond - Nothing Matters [Madam Palindrome]
Jimmy B - I Can Win [The Jazz Allstars]
J Canady - Baby,Your Love [From Heart And Soul]

Top Ten

10 - Trish Standley - Love [Redemption]
9 - Heston - Greatest Lover [Warm Human Cold World]
8 - Monique Thomas - Daughter Shine [Unbroken]
7 - Maydie Myles - Kiss Of Life [The Ones I Love]
6 - Kindred The Family Soul - Magic Happen [Love Has No Recession]
5 - Kathleen Bertrand - All The Love You Need [Katharsis]
4 - Michon Young - Always Remember [Possessing The Promise]
3 - Jocelyn Brown & Soulpersona - In The Middle
2 - Kim Burrell - Let's Make It To Love [The Love Album]
1 - Deirdre Gaddis - This Funky Ride Of Life [Life In The Key Of Dei]

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