7 Jul 2011

Select Soul Show Playlist - July 7th

Hour One

Carlo Fanni Ft. Laura Estrada - You Blow My Mind
Debórah Bond - You Are The One
THEY - Fatback
Dee Heron - What Do You Want From Me
J Canady - Baby,Your Love [From Heart And Soul]
Nicole Mitchell - Flow [The Bi-Polar Music Project - Vol.1]
Hannah Francis - Find A Way [Means To An End]
Lisa Deveaux - Could You Be The One [Language Of Love]
Chanel - No More Tears [Forget About Your Boys]
Alkendria - New Day [Liberation]
Kelly Downing - That Name [Greater Faith In You]
Eddie "Sea" Ft. Tajj And Shauntia Toussaint - Superstar (Soul Mirage) [Velvet Lounge]
Ivy Chanel - Wind Blows (Samba Soul Remix) [Wind Blows EP]
Down To The Bone - Watch Me Fly [The Main Ingredients]
Soulpersona Starring Princess Freesia - Babylon [The Lapdancer]
Big Mel - What's Going On Today [That's Luv]

Hour Two

Eddie Sea Ft. Shauntia Toussaint - It's That Feeling [Velvet Lounge]
Hannah Francis - Let Me Love You [Means To An End]
Paul Taylor - Space [Prime Time]
Gail Jhonson - Still Care About Me [Her Story]
Barnes Project - I Know [The Blessing]
Kendall King - This Love [Faithful]
Ramona Lewis - This Is Love
Kirk Whalum & Karen Clark Sheard - Inseparable [Sacred Love Songs 2]
Nicole Mitchell - Stop By [The Bi-Polar Music Project - Vol.1]
Carl Stanley (Ft. Gianna) - Hold Me Close [Hold Me Close]
Loretta Lee - Day By Day [Good Bye]
Aretha Franklin - U Can't See Me [Aretha: A Woman Falling Out Of Love]
Kathleen Bertrand - All The Love You Need [Katharsis]
Lisa Deveaux - Finally [Language Of Love]
Down To The Bone (Ft. Imaani) - Closer [The Main Ingredients]

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