5 Aug 2010

Select Soul Show Playlist - August 5th

Hour One

Leroy Burgess - It´s The Weekend (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix)
Jeff Hendrick - Back To The Days [Color Blind]
Ashanti Munir - Easy Way About U [Soul Of A Woman]
Brian Culbertson (Ft. Kenny Lattimore) - Another Love [XII]
Joy Rose - Summer Is HereSummer Is Here
Lawrence Beamen - Better Than You
Cashyra - Great Day
Paulette McWilliams & Will Downing - Too Hot [Telling Stories]
Mo Brandis - Perfect Holiday [Mo' Atmosphere]
Incognito - Make Room For Love [Transatlantic RPM]
Ty Causey - Any Means Necessary [Down 2 Earth]
Carmen Hendricks - Something About You [Rhythmic Soul Revealed]
Seductive Souls (Ft. Michael Arkk) - Is This Love [Spirit]
Tom Glide & The Luv All Stars - Can U Feel It [In The Name Of Luv]

Hour Two

Al Olive - Slow Down
Ane - Learning To Love Myself
Deedot - Think Twice [Alexandria Gray: Somewhere To Go]
Carmen Hendricks (Ft. Neville Diedericks) - Know U Care [Rhythmic Soul Revealed]
Seductive Souls (Ft. Aaron Washinghton) - Your Love [Spirit]
Herschel Boone - I Tried [To Be With You]
Ty Causey - I Wanna Know About Love [Down 2 Earth]
Dr. E - Walk This Road [Elevated]
Eric Benet - Sometimes I Cry [Lost In Time]
Geno Young - Shoulda [Ear Hustler]
Darryl Anders - Tell Me Where It Hurts [Agapé Soul]
Incognito (Ft. Leon Ware) - Line In The Sand [Transatlantic RPM]
Conya Doss - What We Gone Do [Blu Transitions]
Paula Ralph-Birkett - Fearless (I Got Somewhere To Be)
Paula Prophet - From Me To You [From Me To You]
Jeff Hendrick (Ft. Shannon Paige) - Be Yours [Color Blind]

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