6 Dec 2009

Select Soul Show Playlist - 3rd December

Hour One

Trus'me Ft. Amp Fiddler - Can We Pretend [In The Red]
Minister Johnson - It Feels Good [What Will My Legacy Be]
Rakkaz - Everything []
Marc Staggers - Give All My All My Lovin' [Then & Now]
Neesha - I Can't Live Without U [Diary Of A Woman Scorned]
Earl Jones Jr - Serve You All of My Days [Im Gonna Wait]
Marc A. Evans - If I Told You [Intervention]
Angie Stone - Think Sometimes [Unexpected]
Joe Burge - Speed of Light [Dare Go Wrong]
Athene Wilson - Rainy Days [It's About Time]
Nichelle Colvin - Wanna Make Love? [Soulfully Yours, Nichelle]
Alache` - Shoulda Lost Ma Mind [Until Now]
BJ - Thinking Bout You [BJ]
ReNeda - Rest Of My Life [Never Give Up]
Shayna Steele - Different This Time [I'll Be Anything]

Hour Two

Reel People Ft. Tony Momrelle - Star (RP's Club Mix)
Jeff Ramsey - Just Let Me Love U [My Best]
Athene Wilson - We Were Ment To Be [It's About Time]
Jaia - Miracles [Just As I Am]
Candy Fox - Free Your... [Soul Stir]
Wilma Ann - Nothin' Like You [Under the Surface]
Angie Stone - Maybe [Unexpected]
Joe - Make Sure You're Home [Make Sure You're Home For Christmas]
Lalah Hathaway - Looking Back [Shades Of A Woman]
Marc Staggers - When I Think About Your Love [Then & Now]
King Ellis - Victim Of My Past [Timeless Vol 1]
Joe Burge - Give It Up [Dare Go Wrong]
Nisha - Love Rules [The Metamorphosis]
The Revelations Ft. Tré Williams - Cheatin'/Secret Lovers [The Bleeding Edge]