5 Feb 2015

Select Soul Show Playlist - February 5th

Hour One

Charlie Wilson - Hey Lover [Forever Charlie]
Phil Perry - A Better Man [A Better Man]
Conya Doss - When We Love
Chris Lawson - Overtaken [Bow Down]
Anissa Hargrove - Torn [Still I Rise]
Carol Riddick - Once You Let Go [Love Phases]
Lisa McClendon - Turning The Corner [5am]
Shirley Jones - Because You Love Me
Carol Riddick - Jump In [Love Phases]
Phil Perry - Stand Up [A Better Man]
Rhonda Thomas - Show Me How To Love You
Leon Timbo - You're My Darling [What Love's All About]
Camera Soul - Push Play [Dress Code]
Tristan Ft. Heston - Finally Found
Charlie Wilson - Just Like Summertime [Forever Charlie]

Hour Two

Charlie Wilson - Me And You Forever [Forever Charlie]
Carol Riddick - The Way You Say My Name [Love Phases]
Will Downing - Never Say No [Chocolate Drops]
Lisa McClendon - 5am [5am]
Anissa Hargrove - Crazy [Still I Rise]
Phil Perry - You're The Only One [A Better Man]
Tracey Hamlin - Standby
Phil French - I Won't Let Go [Everlasting]
Crystal Aikin - So Good [All I Need]
Conya Doss - Love's Not
Yonrico Scott - Only A Smile [Only A Smile]
Tony Remy & Tony Momrelle - Lighthouse
Camera Soul - This Rain [Dress Code]
Kenny Wesley & Carlyncia Peck - Staring Over [What Love Is]

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